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Global Campaign for Emotional Competence

Here is a recorded webinar of about 40 minutes in which Tom Stone the founder of the Global Campaign for Emotional Competence explains all about the campaign, how it works and how you can become involved in helping us all be able to live in a new world in which emotional competence is the norm rather than the exception. This webinar was recorded on May 11, 2012.

To directly access the recorded webinar in your browser – click on the heading below

Recorded Webinar – The Global Campaign for Emotional Competence

Emotional Incompetence is the primary cause of suffering in human life.

People are not trained in emotional competence because very few people are emotionally competent and the ones who have some degree of competence don’t necessarily know how to instruct others to gain it.

Our education systems focus on intellectual competence. There is virtually no training in emotional competence. The teachers, like everyone else in the society have never been trained in it either so they don’t know what to teach.

A new technology for rapidly developing emotional competence has been discovered. It involves learning of a few simple techniques for quickly resolving emotional pain and reactive emotions such as anger and anxiety. These techniques are so simple that anyone can learn and use them with just a little training.

What would it be like to live in a world where emotional competence was the standard rather than the exception?

  • Conflicts of all kinds would become rare and when they did occur would get resolved quickly and easily.
  • People would be able to be true to themselves without fearing being controlled or manipulated by others.
  • People‚Äôs ability to trust and act on their intuition would become normal instead of the exception.
  • Being judgmental of oneself and of others would be minimized if not completely eliminated.
  • People would see the world as a mirror and take any situation in which they might have formerly been emotionally reactive as an opportunity for their own personal growth instead of habitually rationalizing an anger, frustration or depression reaction.
  • People would know how to resolve emotional pain instead of turning to addictive behaviors such as the use of alcohol or drugs to self-medicate.
  • The suicide rate would plummet or become non-existent.
  • The need for prisons would diminish to a small fraction of what it is now.
  • The high costs of health care, crime, addiction, divorce, child abuse, lost productivity, absenteeism and even war would be dramatically reduced resulting in balanced national and local government budgets and lowered taxes.
  • It would start to approach heaven on earth.

Would you like to live in a world like that? Here’s how it can be accomplished:

Read the full article that explains how we can create emotional competence in the world now by clicking on this sentence.